RH-47 is utilized for the cleansing of treatment ladles and iron melts.

Some additional features of RH-47 include

Increased fluidity of the melt

Fading is retarded

Reduction of slag build-up in ladles or treatment chambers greatly extending ladle life


Ductile Iron

The addition rate of 0.1% of melt is recommended, RH-47 should be put in the ladle with the ductile iron treating agent (i.e MgFeSi). As an added savings, an equal amount of MgFeSi can be removed from the treatment.

Gray Iron

A 10% addition of the post inoculant, together as a mix. For example if the post inoculant addition is 5lbs a 0.5lb of RH-47 is recommended.


½ lb or 1lb bags in 1,000 lb steel drums

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